Monday, January 17, 2011

I Believe You Liar

Blue Jean Baby,
LA Lady, Seamstress for the Band
Pretty eyes, Pirate smile, You marry the Music Man...
picture from fern + planet tumblr..I think..


  1. Super rad look. I love the round frames- I've wondered if I could pull those off! Also, I moved off of and onto my - it would be fabulous if you could update my link! :) xo, mel

  2. round john lennon-esque glasses obbsession! if i remember correctly mk olsen made me fall in love with the frames while back. and i still don't even have myself a pair, what is wrong with me?! gahh so over being jobless and broke hehehh x

  3. I love this look
    Those Lennon shades are perfection!