Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boy Oh Boy

My blog always pays homage to the girls I find stunning and stylish but this post is all about boys. I compiled some pictures of guys who would fit my 'dream boy' category.
Hot bod: check, skater/surfer: check, and just generally effing cute. Hey i'm not hard to please. If you know any boys like this, send them my way.

pictures re-blogged from that girl lucy blog/tumblr, hard to explain and the cobrasnake


  1. 'hot, tanned, hippie people in denim with surfers and skaters thrown in' - couldn't have said it better myself! I'm a total summer addict. hehehh and I'll have me one of these guys sent my way too please ;) xxx

  2. Hey hon! Good to hear from you! These boys are adorable- I personally heart James Franco! Happy 2011!! xo, mel

  3. num num num.....i had some of those on my tumblr sooo great!!!
    i really want to make out in the pool with someone. its on my list of things to do now!

    and yes, i actually work for miss unkon at the first concept store which is like the flagship store. i work for the designer courtney and nelson the photographer and they are the nicest people to work for. courtney is so talented, you wait to you see the autumn knits she is designing, you will flip!
    and it looks like ill be doing the blogging for the miss unkon blog so stay tuned for that too!

  4. thank you gurlie! hmm i should really make a list, but i don't, so i'm going to give you a lame answer and say just check out all the tumblrs i reblog ha sorrry ;) oh and the girl i just did a post on has tumblr and a blog, babe.

  5. Mmm, I like this post a lot, you have good taste haha! x

  6. Yayayay! You're back! Please continue to update. :)

    That first pic... sizzling!

    xx, becs

  7. Excellent shots!!! Salut!!

    Francesc, Barcelona


  8. ahh i love this pist. what is it about smoking pictures...

    happy thursday

  9. Dogtown Boys...I love this movie..
    Great blog!!!