Monday, January 24, 2011

Heavenly Creature

Charlotte Kemp Muhl is one gorgeous creature. Those lips, those eyes and a banging body to boot. Sadly she comes off as a bit of a name dropping poser in some of the articles I have read about her but whatevs- she's still totally hot!

pictures taken from google


  1. amen sister totally bangin hot!

  2. yah who cares if she can be a bit of a biatch, she has the most amazing lips. trumps jolie in my book! babe.

  3. oh and yes sorrrry i have disbled right click and save, purely because although i'm back with tiny pic now the last 6+ months of posts are hosted by photobucket (on multiple ccounts :S) so with all the copying and saving the bandwidth is forever running out. but you can still save any images off my blog by just draging them onto the desktop xxx

  4. Hey lady! Yep, I totally agree. She is so naturally gorg!

    xx, becs