Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Love Izzy

I've had many a girl crush over the years, some were short lived and some stuck around for a little longer but one has always remained constant and that girl is Isabel Lucas. Since i first saw her on Home and Away many years ago I've followed Isabel's style while praying that one day I would wake up looking just as beautiful.
Isabel Lucas in Cleo. Who would have thought that purplely smudged roots could look this good?


  1. Wow, we are loving her hair it looks amazing!

    x FS Style

  2. She's totally gorgeous- she looked so pretty in Transformers 2! xo, mel

  3. Ack, she is so gorgeous, and also a girl crush of mine!

    Sharon xx

  4. only issy could pull that off...!
    yeah, my friend and i were only talking about how hot she was the other night...i'd turn for her. lol.
    but i didnt like her in home and away...that show is shiiiiiit.

  5. she used to be my favourite on h&a with her gorgeous boho hippy style, and i stil love love love her! she has the most amazing hair at the mo x

  6. I really like your blog!
    I gave you an award on my blog, check it out here:

    X Lisa

  7. Love the boho style.. She is beaut!

  8. Always been Isabel's number 1 fan <3 her to death!