Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Bye Summer

No more bikini's, starting to feel the winter chill. It's this time of the year that i always think: 'hey, winter could be fun, layers, boots, leather jackets' its fun for about a week until I start to freeze and I'm back wishing it was shorts and t-shirt weather again.

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pic: Russh


  1. Love this photo, cute blog x

  2. i love denim jackets at the moment! this one is amazing :)

  3. Love the bandanna & this pic! Bummer that it's starting to get colder there, but yay for layering. :) We're actually experiencing colder weather here in LA this week with rain so I feel your pain!

    xo, becs

  4. Amazing as always!

  5. yess so, so true! i was all like
    "woo! winter fashion! yay for layers!"
    but now i'm:
    "please stop raining, i miss sunshine and days living in bikini's :("
    hehe anyways amazing shot.
    love the cutout denim jacket

  6. Oh yes, we can definitely feel the winter chill slowly arriving..Luckily it's only at night for the moment. We're looking forward to wearing some warmer stuff too!

    Goodbye Summer =(


  7. sweet post! I can't really say the same about summer here because I'm just starting to feel the sunshine :)

    Christine xx