Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Human Mermaid

I'm wondering if i would look as good as Abbey Lee with tangerine lips, pink hair and a green dress? Hmm probably not...

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Abbey Lee for Australian Vogue, photo via Knightcat


  1. She is The Hotness.

  2. so obsessed with this!! abbey rules!


  3. This photo is fantastic. She is such a goddess. I don't think I would look this good either if I tried. Lol. :)

  4. Hey! Yeah I am good very glad to be back! I must say I am obsessed with J - pre head shaving times haha I can't tell you how many times I have youtubed him dancing to Hendrix - it's rather sad haha. I understand your obsession, I am a filthy bowl mole from way back... ew!

    So you're heading to Brissy! How exciting! Have you got a job there yet?

    This editorial is amazing, although I fear that by the time I get my hair a decent colour like the the phase will have passed, although I wouldn't mind a nice nanna purple, or grey blue - oh who am I kidding I would never have the balls!

  5. This photo is perfect, but damn her for being one of oh so few people to pull off this look! I'm not a fan of rainbow hair or tangerine lips but wow. This is hot :)

    - Anna Jane xxx

  6. yeah, no one could quite pull it off like miss abbey lee can! favourite editorial :)

  7. Gahh, I adore her. She is rocking the neon so well!

    xo, becs

  8. She looks amazing! I actually have a bunch of orange lipsticks in my cart from Sephora that I need to buy- definitely want to try to wear that color! Can't wait to see your photo for my slumber party!!! xo, Mel

  9. mmm i love abbey but not so sure about the styling of this shoot.. can't decide what i think about the pink!

  10. oh i love this picture!
    awesome hair!

  11. If you ask me, not enough people have pink hair these days. In which case, go for it! :)

  12. BEAUT. i want pink in my hair like my little pony

  13. yes yes yes! Hot! This is amazing! I truly inspired to colour my hair pink!!!
    I just wish I could look as good as her too!