Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mish Mash

Apologies for being slack for blogging lately. It's summer, I'm lazy and I'm pre-occupied. Big Day Out was happening all through Australia this week- who went? My favourite performance was by the one and only Peaches, she went off and the crowd loved her. Was also a fan of newbies Tame Impala and of course the lovely Lily Allen was great. Who was your fav?

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A few other things I have been doing lately...

- being a post uni grown up and organising a move to the big smoke (Brisbane for me!)
- discovering the movie 'Lords of Dogtown' and wishing I could skateboard so I could be a Zephyr girl.
-reviving my dad's record collection and bopping along to the likes of Patti Smith, the Police and the Beatles
-hunting down cute floral patterned dresses

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Also my 21st birthday is coming up in just over a month, does anyone have any interesting or unique party ideas or themes? I have tried to come up with some recently and haven't had much luck so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. 21??! excellent. you can go to america and drink then.haha.
    yay your moving to brisbane town, that's exciting for you. and a big change.
    and yes, lords of dogtown is amaaaazing.
    i have a severe crush on emile hirsch. always have...ah. infact, last night girl next door was on and i was "awww"ing at his cuteness.

  2. thats so exciting re. moving to bris and being 21! lucky you! i had a dinner party for my 21st and then went out after which was fun as couldnt be bothered doing the whole massive party thing.. it was fun really pretty table setting and cupcakes :) otherwise themes: hollywood - ie. both movie stars or oscars style.. hmm low on ideas at the moment haha! but hope you think of something fun!! x

  3. it's summer over there ? im so jealous. its biting cold here : (

    xx lue

  4. great photos. i have totally revived my dads record collection too. LOVE it!

    have a carnival theme for your birthday??! masks and costumes and colours.

  5. Hey lady! Love these pics. Maybe throw a decade theme party.. like an 80's party of an 80's prom party. Either way, hope you have an amazing time celebrating!

    xo, becs

  6. Ahh, BDO, so jealous - wish I could have gone baad! rad photos :)

  7. aaah i also have a bit of a celeb crush on emile hirsch! he can do no wrong!

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  9. wow, sounds scary doing grwon up things,glad i'm not at that stage yet, haha!
    And lords of dogtown is such an awesome movie i done the exact same thing after i watched it, i was desperate to beable to skate board, but im kinda awful at it so that plan went out the window!
    Happy early 21st bday too!

  10. Yayyy for the record collection! That totally reminds me my dad has a very large one too! Awww, the big 2-1! Oh to be young again :) My friend is doing an old school roller skating party for her 25th which could be cute :) xo, Mel

  11. Ahh wow
    You must be so excited for the your big 21st :)
    I'd say have an Alice In Wonderland Themed Tea Party, I really want onee :(

  12. BDO - ooohhh I'm jealous. First one I've missed for a few years.
    Emile is such an effing babe. I watched Dogtown just before Christmas and my youngest brother got a new skateboard for Christmas so I spent all afternoon outside our house with my two cousins attempting to learn and failing dismally. Fun all the same.

    I went to a 21st last year that had a great theme - around the world. The girl assigned everyone a different country/state and every single person dressed up and got so into it.

    There was a hula girl for Hawaii,
    Cleopatra for Egypt,
    Leprechaun for Ireland,
    An amazing traditional Swedish costume,
    A cricketer for India

    My friend and I were Saudi Arabia so we dressed up as Aladin and Jasmine (Arabian nights)

    Heaps more. Everyone looked amazing.

    Anyway good luck.


  13. Love the pics! you should totally have a mascarade! just pick a letter for theme, like D and you can be a dog or a doll or a doormath.. you get the picture! haha

  14. Lovely inspiring blog you have here

    how about a t-shirt party?
    sounds boring but it will make people wear something more meaningful

    like a t with a certain message/design that makes an impack