Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pretty Eyes, Pirate Smile

Oh Daria..I love her...I love this!

the fashion spot

p.s does anyone know how to make pics bigger or smaller? sometimes I use tiny pic to make them larger so you guys can see them better but then sometimes its too big and half of the picture gets cut off...its such a if anyone knows please inform me! :)


  1. Gorgeous picture! I love your blog, by the way!


  2. i have the same probelm :S

  3. upload your photos on photobucket and resize them to large!

    love the post :)


  4. you can use tinypic too (photobucket sometimes does weird stuff when you get close to your bandwidth limit, or something...tinypic doesn't do that), that's what i use, but i think the main issue here is the layout template you use! this template only lets you use small photos, the one i picked, for instance, let's me use large photos, so i guess that may be it... hope it helps!!
    love your blog

  5. as do i! the models and clothes are so cali-fab!
    i'm watching season one now, it's soso good <33
    i'm at the episode where we find out luke's dad is gay! :O

    ps: i just saw that my blog link is under your "blogs i like"! thank you a billion times!!


  6. waw.great shot.

    wanna xchange link?

  7. What a beautiful image of Daria. Thanks for posting!

    Re: image size, I'm not sure if this works with all blogger templates, but all I do after I upload to blogger or import from Photobucket is to change the image size by dragging the corner of the pic to make it large or small in the edit stage. I use a Mac and it only works with Firefox though (and not Safari). No idea if it works with other browsers.

  8. your blog is very nice!!visit the mine one!!

    Kisskiss sara/littlefashionista

  9. Wow, how pretty are her glasses, v. john lennon chic!

  10. Love this pic! I also think your template is why you can't make the pics bigger. I'm actually in the opposite realm.. I WANT to do what you do.. post pics small and then when you click on them, have them appear larger. :)

    xo, Becs